Catastrophic Accident Investigation

Our attorneys lead large catastrophic accident investigations.

We are frequently called by clients within hours of an accident to direct the investigation, identify and retain experts, to ensure evidence is secured, to interface with government agencies, and to assist with any press/news inquiries. 

We provide training to clients for the development of a workable, user-friendly Crisis Management Plan and Accident Investigation Program. We review risk transfer provisions in contracts and insurance-related issues to prepare for unplanned crises and events.

Representative Matters

  • Settlement of Adult Wrongful Death/Adult Brain Injury/Child Trauma:
    We were involved in early investigation (within 24 hours of accident), media advice, and State Patrol and DOT investigation and audit of a client arising out of a catastrophic vehicle collision on behalf of a contractor and obtained the early resolution of multiple family claims within one year of the accident with minimal  litigation expense.
  • Power Line Contact Investigations:
    We represented manufacturers of construction equipment in power line contact cases to assist in obtaining scene photos, preserving equipment, and interfacing with WISHA investigations. 
  • Tower Crane Accident:
    We represented a foreign crane manufacturer in the early investigation (within 24 hours of accident) of a tower crane collapse to preserve evidence, hire local experts and determine the cause.
  • Catastrohic Wildfires:
    We represented individuals and companies accused of starting large range and forest fires that consumed thousands of acres of timber and resulted in loss of life.  In order to defend these matters we report to the scene immediately to begin the investigation and evaluate the loss.